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As a consumer, we always strive to get the best quality products and the best price for those products.  And most consumers know what to look for in products.  As the 'naiiew kid on the block',  we are always striving to find those items.  

One item we looked at very carefully are makeup brushes.  Brushes might look amazing at first glance, but do they have what it takes to sustain day to day wear ability? THAT is the big question. We came up with things to look for in brushes and especially brush sets. 

Here is a list of things to look for in great brush set: 

1. Brush Handle- is it a beautifully hand-carved wooden handle or a plastic handle? I prefer the wooded.  I find that if you have a wooden handle on a brush, more than likely the manufacturer has invested more money in the entire construction and may have more longevity.  This is not to say that the plastic molded brush handle should be discarded.  You can tell by picking up the brush and test it on your skin. Does it wobble? Can you comfortably hold it?  

2. The Ferrule- This is the metallic piece that connects the brush handle to the bristles. Does it have a ferrule. It should. Is it aluminum making it rust proof. And is it solidly constructed?

3. The Bristles- To me the most important of them all. The first thing I ask is, "Are these brushes cruelty free?"  In other words, did they hurt animals to construct the brushes. There is no reason why a company should not have cruelty-free brushes. They don't have to destroy the animal's life to get the fibers/hair, they can give the aniimal a haircut. Or they can use synthetic. Though, I like to use both. Typically, I use the synthetic fiber brushes for creams like foundations. And I use the natural fiber brushes for 'dry' makeup like powders and eyeshadows. 

This is a very brief list. I will do a more extensive list for you. Remember, a well manufactured brush can last over 10 years if it is used with the finest materials AND cleaned appropriately.

I would love any suggestions. Or if you have an item that you would like for me to review, let me know. 

Have a great day. And always remember, 'YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!'

Antonio R

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